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Inherited from Hiep Luc Co., Ltd (Song Than Flour Factory) with the famous Bach Tuyet (now known as Fairy) flour, this is a company gathered from experienced Chinese owners. experience in the flour industry since before liberation.

Golden Wheat Joint Stock Company officially operated in 2006, under the business registration license number 4603000216 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Duong Province on March 17, 2006 with the function of trading and milling wheat, mechanical processing (grinding cranes), transportation of goods… Located at the gateway to Ho Chi Minh City, it is very convenient for transporting goods.

From the famous Italian brand OCRIM milling line system at the time of taking over, the company has invested and put into production 2 more milling line systems with a total capacity of nearly 400 tons/day.

With the motto “bringing gold value”, Golden Rice Joint Stock Company has been constantly improving its responsibility to the community and improving the production process to match the development of society as well as consumer demand. increasingly intelligent use of customers.

Good products, competitive prices, trust from consumers, sustainable development are the top criteria of Golden Rice Joint Stock Company. To do this, the company has invested in quality control system, product research and development with full European standard equipment such as: Brabender’s Farinograph and Extensograph, Chopin’s Infraneo… especially the company has just introduced operating the system of tank trucks transporting powder of Zenith brand imported from Singapore, this is the first modern powder transport tank truck system in Vietnam.

In parallel with the application of modern machinery and equipment, the company also applies the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and the upcoming advanced quality management system HACCP to fully promote work efficiency, helping reduce production costs to have more competitive product prices.

The company’s business market share is expanding, now the company’s distribution system is nationwide. In addition to traditional customers, the company has been supplying to leading manufacturing companies in Vietnam such as: Acecook VN Company, Bibica Confectionery Company, Cargill Company, Guyomarc’h VN Company, Phuong Company Dong (FuDo noodles), Thang Long Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Sao A Company…

The company’s flour product brands are trusted: Con Voi, Nàng Tiên, Gấu Trúc, 3A, Cái Chuông, 2B… Packaged flour products: LV9, Dòn Dòn… Noodle bran products: Cám mì 1, Cám mì 2…

With the trust and confidence of our customers, we will do our best to maintain and develop that respect.

Our vision and mission


We aspire to be a leading food processing business in the region.


We always strive to be the preferred supplier and strategic partner of our customers in the food industry.

We always strive for excellence in production and business by building a culture of continuous self-improvement in the business.

We add value to customers and partners on the basis of promoting advantages of scale.

Quality Policy

Service standards

Committed to providing goods of the right type, quantity and service as required by customers in compliance with standard processes, quality standards and established safety regulations and regulations.

Providing baking courses, sharing knowledge, ideas as well as exchanging experiences to create optimal value for customers’ final products.

Commitment to quality

Providing customers with high quality flour products produced from the best imported wheat sources on modern milling lines.

Maintaining consistent quality is a fundamental criterion throughout our manufacturing process. The entire leadership and staff are responsible for the quality of the product and strictly comply with the processes and regulations related to quality.

Continuously improve quality

Empowering employees, everyone is responsible and committed to achieving the goal of creating products and services of the highest quality.

Constantly making efforts to study, research, create, share knowledge and experience to improve product quality.

Quality management system